Banshee Cloud presents the Institute for Computing Superpowers, a site dedicated to giving ordinary people with the ability to use a computer extraordinary capabilities for managing their digital lives.  We’ve compiled help resources created by our team and by our vendors to this end.

We’re committed to making sure you have easy to understand and comprehensive self-help resources.  If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the tutorials on this site or if you would like to see a topic added…please feel free to let us know.

About Our Company

Banshee Cloud LLC was formed in 2012 by Rene Campos and Rodney Aspiras to provide individuals, businesses, and organizations worldwide with access to what the company calls The Personal Cloud.  The Personal Cloud is a computing ideal that boosts your productivity through on demand and predictive worldwide access to all the files, pictures, videos, and other data that make up your complete digital life.  We integrate and develop systems to this end, emphasizing efficiency, productivity, security, and an intuitive user experience.

Banshee Cloud’s primary focus is to introduce the concept of The Personal Cloud to as many people, groups, and businesses as possible.  While this may seem counter-intuitive, we feel the best way to do this is by starting with a pinpoint laser focus and then rapidly moving outward.  This approach is reflected in all we do, from our marketing activities to the way we aim to touch the lives of every individual we meet with.  In essence, our philosophy to working with you is just as scalable and personalized as our products and services.

We admit it’s a unique concept, both revolutionary and particularly disruptive to our marketplace and our competition.  But we see it as the herald of a wonderful new era in worldwide personal communication.  All made possible by the convergence of wonderful technologies that make The Personal Cloud a new reality.

In the end, our goal is using The Personal Cloud for your personal and professional empowerment.  Perhaps in this manner, we can do our part to eliminate inefficiency and in some small way, help you change your world for the better.

We Are Banshee Cloud